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1.    Choose the style you want (Zoomies or Burlap). Burlap portraits are full face and drawn with a sharpie.  Zoomies are zoomed in close ups of your pet, painted in pastels or acrylics.  Pastels are only available for 8x8s and 10x10s.

2.     One pet per Zoomie or Burlap.

3.     Choose the size you want.  Zoomies are available in 8x8 inches, 10x10, 12x12 or 18x18.  Burlaps are available in 10x10 or 12x12.

4.     With Zoomies, you can pick the thickness of the canvas - either 5/8” thin (suitable for hanging even without a frame) or 1.5” deep (able to sit on a shelf or mantle).

5.     Place your order.  Don’t forget to write the name of your pet(s) in the NOTES section of the order page.

6.     AFTER you order, text your pic to 214-435-5621.  Also text the pet name(s), your name and order number.

7.     Delivery is estimated at 8-10 weeks.  We will text you an image of your final painting right before we ship it.

8.     The art is sealed for protection, BUT it is still original art that should avoid liquids and touching.